Kelli Knippa

"I can’t wait to meet everyone and help lead the bulldogs to success on AND off the field." With her master's degree in athletic training and four years of experience, as a contractor, Kelli joins the staff this year as Head Athletic Trainer. Welcome!

-Kelli Knippa, Head Athletic Trainer

Jeannie Hipp

"I’m so thankful for educators who see the importance of teaching about the Holocaust and the millions who are to be remembered for their sacrifices. " Elementary school STAAR Interventionist, Jeannie Hipp, traveled to Jerusalem this summer to learn more so she could educate students better.

-Jeannie Hipp, STAAR Interventionist

Camron Frazier

“Quitman represents the small town East Texas school that I know and love. It's a great opportunity to serve this district and this community. I feel that this district has a rich history but is also on the rise. I can't wait to be a part of the great things to come!”

-Camron Frazier, HS Asst. Principal