Spectator Expectations & Guidelines

For the safety of all students, and to maintain a safe and orderly environment at QISD extra-curricular events, we ask that parents follow the guidelines below when bringing children to events:

  • All children under the age of 10 may only enter QISD events with an adult.

  • Students and children under the age of 10 must sit with a parent or appropriate adult at QISD events.

  • Students and children are not allowed to run around and play during events and must remain seated unless visiting restrooms or concession stands.

Athletic Director: Shane Webber

Assistant Athletic Director: Scooter Fortner

Girls Coordinator: Blake Hamrick

Boy JH Coordinator: Brad Ferguson

Girls JH Coordinator:

Athletic Trainer: Morgan Brown

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AD: Shane Webber

ADA: ScooterFortner

Asst. Coaches: Austin Wasson, Eric Shaw, Kyle Kern, Justin Leed, Brandon Rogers, Chris Stanley, Gary Stracener, Brad Ferguson


HS Head Coach: Archie Thompson

Assistant Coaches: Sheila Sapp & Macy Wilson

JH Coaches: Candace Bates

Boy's Basketball:

HS Head Coach: Laettner Greenhill

HS Assistant Coaches: Austin Wasson

JH Coordinator: Brad Ferguson

JH Coaches: Gary Stracener

Girl's Basketball:

HS Head Coach/Coordinator: Blake Hamrick

HS Assistant Coaches: Sheila Sapp and Laci Kern

JH Coordinator: Archie Thompson

JH Coaches: Candace Bates, Macy Wilson


Head Coach: Brandon Rogers

Assistant Coach: Laettner Greenhill and Scooter Fortner


Head Coach: Scooter Fortner

Assistant Coach: Macy Wilson and Caitie Glenn

Cross Country:

Head Coach: Michael Scott

Assistant Coach: Laettner Greenhill


Head JH/HS Boys Coach: Justin Leed

Head JH/HS Girls Coach: Eric Shaw


Boys Head Coach: Kyle Kerns

Girls Head Coach: Eric Shaw


Head Coach: Michael Scott


Head Coach: Austin Wasson