Chris Davis

Safety & Security Coordinator

(903) 763-5000


KJ Harris


(903) 763-5000


Safety and Security Team

Quitman ISD is committed to the safety and security of students, faculty, staff, and visitors on its campuses. We are excited to welcome two new employees to our safety and security team. This will add to the already existing school resource officers that patrol the campuses. These two new team members bring a variety of valuable skills with them. Chris Davis is a veteran of the US Navy having served 20 years. KJ Harris brings 6 years experience as a Correctional Officer/Armed Transport for Colorado Department of Corrections and from the Wood County Sheriff’s Office as a Correctional/Detention Officer.

Both Chris and KJ attended special training courses this past summer to prepare for the upcoming school year. The training encompassed four security levels, ensuring both officers are equipped to handle various school-related situations. Such as classroom safety/security, firearm training and qualification, and as well as close quarters battles. The fourth level is Personal Protective Officer training, which grants them the authority to detain a suspect.

Their daily responsibilities will consist of patrolling both campuses indoors and outdoors. The officers will rotate between campuses allowing one or the other to be on each campus everyday. This rotation strategy aims to familiarize students with both officers and foster relationships with all students. The officers will maintain a vigilant eye for potential threats and actively plan for any potential events that may arise, and determine the appropriate courses of action for each situation.

Chris and KJ are welcomed as an added branch of security for Quitman ISD. Welcome to the Bulldog Family!