UIL District Winners

  1. Christian Adamson - 2nd Spelling and Vocabulary, 3rd Ready Writing, 1st Literary Criticism, 2nd Social Studies 
  2. Ben Barnett participated in Prose Interpretation and Newswriting
  3. KK Barnett - 4th Editorial Writing, 1st Copy Editing / 5th Mathematics
  4. Lucy Brannon - Science
  5. Ruby Bringard - Ready Writing
  6. Helena Bautista-Mathias - Science
  7. Sara Cross - Science
  8. Abby Day - Ready Writing
  9. Carson Dickens - Calculator Application
  10. Delaney Flannagan - Social Studies, Literary Criticism
  11. Carlos Flores - Current Events
  12. Mitchell Fry - Science / Computer Science
  13. Keeley Glidewell - 5th Current Issues and Events
  14. Hunter Hart - Computer Science
  15. Lindsey Hornaday - Science
  16. Justin Matthews - 3rd Calculator Application
  17. Brenden Mattox- Computer Science
  18. Dalton Poppenhussen - Current Events
  19. Ethan Presley - 5th Social Studies
  20. Jazmin Rojas - Spelling
  21. Oscar Roman -  6th Mathematics, 3rd Literary Criticism
  22. Luke Williams - 6th Current Issues and Events
  23. Kaylie Wood - Literary Criticism, Spelling
  24. Rebecca Wood - 6th in Poetry Interpretation

Literary Criticism - 1st place - Adamson, Roman, Flannagan, Kaylie Wood
Social Studies - 1st place - Adamson, Presley, Flannagan and Rebecca Wood
Spelling - 3rd place - Adamson, Rojas and Kaylie Wood
Science - 3rd place - Hornaday, Fry, Bautista, Brannon, Roman and Cross
Current Events and Issues – 3rd place - Williams, Glidewell, Poppenhussen and Flores

The students advancing to the Regional Meet in Nacogdoches on Saturday, April 17th (not in order)  Christian Adamson, KK Barnett, Justin Matthews, Oscar Roman, Delaney Flannagan, Ethan Presley, Rebecca Wood and Kaylie Wood.

The UIL Academ coaches are David Cross, Marianne Midkiff, Angela Brown, Hannah Pinnell, Deborah Woodruff, Marsha Alexander and Shelley Chance.