Teacher John Herring and son Tobie

No one ever looks forward to Mondays. In fact, Monday is usually a dreaded day of the week. But today’s dreary day was especially brightened for the Herring family with an unexpected visit from their son and brother, Tobie Herring, a Lance Corporal with the United States Marine Corps.

Tobie (with the help of step-mom, Lindsey) surprised his dad, high school teacher John Herring, in his math classroom right before lunch. Following an emotional reunion with his dad, Tobie made a surprise appearance in his sister Elizabeth’s AP English class. Elizabeth was overjoyed to see her brother. The family then made the short trek to QES, for a tearful reunion with youngest sister, 3rd  grader Millie.

The last time Mr. Herring had seen his son was on Father’s Day weekend, 2020. Tobie had called his dad around 4:00PM letting him know he would be in San Angelo for the weekend. Mr. Herring quickly packed, loaded up his truck and made the long drive through the night to see his son. It's been even longer since Lindsey, Lizzy, Millie and extended family have gotten to see Lance Corporal Herring; he enlisted in the USMC in 2019, and graduated from Boot Camp on March 14, 2020. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the family had to watch the ceremony on video, so it's been over a year and a half since the whole family has been together in person. Since they've missed spending the last two Christmases together, it was a very special reunion and a fabulous surprise for everyone.

Herring is based at Camp Pendleton in California, where he is an Aviation Rescue Firefighter. He is on leave until March 16, and plans to spend some good quality time with his family.

Special thanks to Lindsey Herring and Tobie Herring for allowing QISD to be a part of such a special reunion! We are so happy for you all!