Medications at School

Unassigned Medications on Campus

In Texas, Of all opioid overdose deaths among those aged 0-17 in 2020, 92 percent involved a synthetic opioid such as fentanyl. Even in small doses, fentanyl exposure can cause a life-threatening overdose. Since 2019, fentanyl-related deaths among Texans have increased by more than 500%, according to provisional data from the Texas Department of State Health Services. Texas law recognizes the importance of preparing those who are in the position to assist someone experiencing an opioid overdose. Schools may be in a unique position to help someone experiencing an opioid overdose; therefore are able to obtain a standing order for an unassigned opioid antagonist, nasal naloxone. Quitman ISD has elected to protect our students by having nasal naloxone available in the unfortunate event of an overdose, we are prepared to react and help save the life of a student.

Unassigned Opioid Antagonists (Narcan) (The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines and procedures governing the utilization of the opioid antagonist Narcan administered by trained staff of Quitman ISD.)