Letter from the Superintendent: Quitman ISD Response Protocols to Coronavirus

Dear Quitman ISD Parents and Community,

Many of you have had questions concerning school and our response to the Coronavirus. 
I hope you find this document to be helpful and I hope that it answers some of the questions that you may have pertaining to how the district is responding or will respond in the future. 

I am in constant contact with local officials and we are monitoring the situation continually throughout the day. I will continue to monitor this situation over our spring break next week. 

Remember you can find current information and updates on our website. 

Rhonda Turner

Quitman ISD Response Protocols to Coronavirus

(Please note these protocols and responses are subject to change)

Responses and Triggers during Regular School Day

  1. Teachers will ensure frequent handwashing of students often during the day. Handwashing should occur prior to any meals, and at a minimum of 3 to 4 additional times daily. Other times that handwashing should occur: after PE, after playing on the playground, use of the weight room, and use of computer labs. (Responsible Staff: All Teachers)
  2. Additional cleaning of desks, doorknobs, and keyboards during the day using the provided cleaning wipes. Older students may help with this task. Teachers please take care of your own health. WIPE your desk, keyboard, and spaces as well. WE NEED YOU. (Responsible Staff: Director of Maintenance and Classroom Teacher)
  3. Additional cleaning by our janitorial staff in the evenings. This would include wiping down desks, doorknobs, counter spaces and shared spaces. (Responsible Staff: Director of Maintenance and Operations)
  4. Additional cleaning of buses on a daily basis. (Responsible Staff: Director of Maintenance and Operations)
  5. Students running fever will be sent home immediately. While waiting to be picked up students will be quarantined in an identified designated location on each campus. (Responsible Staff: Campus Principal and Campus Nurse)
  6. QISD will monitor absenteeism of students and staff multiple times daily. (Responsible Staff: PEIMS Coordinator, Superintendent and Campus Principals)
  7. Given the potential severity and observed rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus and the time lapse between onset of symptoms, diagnosis, and reporting, we will be working with our local health authorities to determine the severity in our local area. This information will be used in determining the need for school closures. (Responsible Staff: Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, School Nurses)
  8. Beginning 3/13/2020 QISD will not allow visitors to eat lunch on campuses. (Responsible Staff: Principals)
  9. Beginning 3/13/2020 QISD will not host any indoor public performances. (Responsible Staff: Superintendent and Principals)

Responses and Triggers for School Closing

  1. School Closing will occur when, and if the school closing serves the best interest of the students and local community. This decision will be made with the following considerations: confirmed cases in the local area defined as Wood County, Texas, number of staff that are sick, ability to provide basic supplies to students, recommendations by the local health department, CDC, and other government agencies. (Responsible Staff: Superintendent)
  2. A school closure resulting in more than five school days will trigger at home instruction. See “QISD #StayAtHome #LearnAtHome SCHOOL Instructional Plan”. (Responsible Staff: Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Principals, Teachers, and Para Professionals)
  3. School Faculty, Staff, Parents, Students, and Community members will be able to access updates concerning school closures, re-opening, services, and latest updates at www.quitmanisd.net, Quitman ISD Facebook, and Quitman ISD Twitter. If you do not have the Quitman ISD app you can go to the app store and search for Quitman ISD. Look for the school logo! (Responsible Staff: Principals, Teachers, IT Director)
  4. All School Personnel identified as “Essential” will report to work as needed and directed. Essential School Personnel will be notified by their direct supervisor.  (Responsible Staff: Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Directors, and Principals)
  5. QISD will operate a drive-thru free lunch pick-up daily during school closure. Pick up location will be at Quitman Elementary School. Vehicles will enter through the normal pick up route. School staff will distribute at the curb. Parents, guardians, and students are asked to remain inside the vehicle at all times. (Responsible Staff: Director of Food Service and Food Service Personnel)