FCC Form 470

Elementary Floor Plan

JH/HS Floor Plan

Additional Comments:

It is stated int the narrative section of the FCC Form 470 that "All proposals must be broken down by campus". The JH/HS Floor Plan lists how this should be split for the JH/HS campus. 

The Elementary Floor Plan shows the MDF and the IDF that will be "swapped". The current MDF will become an IDF and the indicated IDF will become the new MDF.

Questions and Answers:

Q: Do you have a set of plans for the project.
A: Yes, they were handed out at walkthrough and then updated for all who attended. I will post the plans to web site as well.

Q: It appears that you want to switch the MDF and one of the IDFs? Are you going to have your service provider extend the dmark to the new MDF location? Or would you like for a cable to be included in the RFP?
A: True. We want to switch the MDF and one of the IDFs so that network is actually configured correctly in a star fashion. I would like for the additional cabling needed to be included in the RFP?

Q: Do you want to upgrade SFPs and patch cables for all the current 10g capable runs?
A: Yes.

Q: What brand of switches are at QISD?
A: All switches are Brocades.